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Our Story

"In a world of throwaway, fast-moving goods, we're creating earthy, organic products that last.  But we've taken it a step further too!  Every handmade piece is etched with a special message, corporate branding, or beautiful image. 

From our workshop to your place, ENJOY!"

 Regan & Rochelle Davies, Founders.


The Lasercut Story 

Handling beautiful New Zealand timber is in our blood. As owners of Orang Otang Tree Trimmers in Mangawhai, New Zealand, Regan and Rochelle Davies have been managing trees in the Northland area with both respect and innovation since 2003.

The Lasercut Designs team

Recently, the pair decided to diversify. Instead of selling the wood that is salvaged from Orang Otang jobs, the couple purchased a rundown sawmill. With a little no.8 wire ingenuity, they revamped the sawmill and evolved their business at the same time. 

The process of milling led to an idea of creating furniture. Initially, fine-looking bar leaners, tables and other items were designed, and while popular, they were bulky items to store onsite. The vision altered slightly, but the ethos never changed. How can we breathe new life into a product that might otherwise be thrown on the fire? Enter Lasercut Designs.

Ngaro milling some of the macrocarpa

"Lasercut Designs is about being resourceful. It’s about repurposing timber - etching creativity onto its surface and giving it a new home."

Rochelle and Charl busy designing a new product

The journey of a tree once it hits our workshop has only just begun – it may transform into a chopping board, an educational toy, a company sign, or kiwiana souvenir. The options are endless. From our locally sourced timber (aside from sustainable bamboo), to the creation of products, to the lasering of the image, logo, or message - right through to dispatch, every step in the process is completed onsite. From a picturesque countryside address in northland, a talented team of changemakers are turning waste into art.

Lasercut Designs is 100% Kiwi owned and family operated. The Davies kids, Nayte, Cameron and Connor are the youngest members of the business. They keep Rochelle and Regan busy and are proving to be handy product testers, especially with the educational pieces.

Our business is a generous one. It’s based on a belief that products should last. From everyday items with added character, personalised kiwi gifts, or customised signs – all of our creations are useful for everyday life, with minimal impact on the environment.

And we couldn’t be prouder.