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Timbers We Use

We specialise in beautiful native timbers and take pride in the process of salvaging, milling and processing our wood.

Here is some more info on the timber we use...


Timbers We Most Frequently Use

We currently specialise in manufacturing out of beautiful NZ timber, most that we have resourced ourselves from our Orang Otang Tree Trimmers division. We salvage what we can from our job sites, transport it back to our sawmill where it is then milled and processed until it is ready to be used in our workshop where we give it new life. Creating some everlasting gifts, crafts and custom-made furniture pieces. We try not to let anything go to waste.

Listed below is some information about some of the most popular timbers we use, please note we do not sell timber as a raw material.

Macrocarpa (Cypress)

Macrocarpa is often mistaken for Kauri because of its blonde golden colour and is becoming more and more popular. Macrocarpa is a very durable timber lasting outdoors untreated for 30 years onwards. Machines and works very well. Availability is not a problem and carries an attractive price.

Rimu we out source – It is preferred for furniture making as it generally has a dark streaky grain. It can be found in clear lengths or sometimes knotty with character. Rimu is becoming increasingly difficult to find but is still available although getting more expensive.

NZ Kauri
Kauri are the most famous of the New Zealand timbers as they are the kings of the New Zealand forest which is probably why they are the most popular timber products sold within the tourist market. Renowned for its perfectly straight grain with very few knots. It has a lovely golden colour which captures the light in a unique way. A very stable timber that machines extremely well, ideal for turning and carving. Some great character can be found in the timber once milled.

Matai is preferred for furniture making. This is quite a dense, hard timber that takes an oiled finished very well. It is reddish brown in colour and is a lot less streaky appearance than Rimu, has a lovely warmth to it and makes a nice piece of furniture.

Eucalyptus (Gum)

Eucalyptus is a NZ grown hardwood. We recommend this timber as a very durable hard wearing wood commonly used for commercial tables, bars, and benches. Some very attractive domestic furniture can also be made from this timber. Availability is good and is priced reasonably well. Various varieties available, most common would be Pilularis which has a constant sandy blonde color and Saligna which has a pinkish coloring. Eucalyptus also accepts a stain well if other coloring's are required.

Imported Bamboo

Bamboo is becoming more frequently used because of its sustainability.  Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world making it a great choice for a wide range of uses.  Although some of our products are made from bamboo we find it most useful as a packaging option.